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17. Juli 2010, 20:00 bis 21:30
Dom St. Peter & Paul

Eco della sera

Duo Tamayo-Montesinos

Werke von J. S. Bach, N. Paganini,
F. Sor, M. de Falla, ...

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Duo Tamayo-Montesinos

J. S. Bach (1685-1750)
1-Concerto in Re maggiore BWV 972, transc. Eliot Fisk
- Allegro
- Andante
- Allegro

N. Paganini (1782-1840)
2-Prima Sonata di Centone di Sonate, per  violino e chitarra, transc., M. Tamayo

Anabel Montesinos

F. Sor (1778-1839)
3-Variazione brillianti op. 9, sull tema di W. A. Mozart


Marco Tamayo

J. Turina (1882-1949)
4-Sonata in Re op. 61
- Allegro
- Andante
- Allegro)

Duo Tamayo Montesinos
The Beatles
5-The fool on the hill, She's living home, Penny Lane, transc. Leo Brouwer

M. de Falla (1876-1946)
6-La vida breve, transc. Pujol-Tamayo

M. Saumell
7-Los ojos de Pepa, transc. M. Tamayo

W. Disney
8-Bajo del Mar, banda sonora di "La Sirenita", transc. M.Tamayo

Anabel Montesinos was born in Reus (Tarragona) in 1984. She started her musical education in the Escuela Municipal de L'Hospitalet de L'Infant (Tarragona) at the age of six and was awarded a distinction for her elementary grade in 1996. From the age of ten she studied with Vania del Monaco, and in 1997 she started her intermediate level at the Superior Conservatory of music of Tarragona, completing these in 2001. She went on to study her advanced level at the Conservatorio Superior de Música "Oscar Espla" in Alicante, Spain, in the class of Ignacio Rodes. She took also masterclasses with Manuel Barrueco and David Russell. Nowadays, Ms. Montesinos studies at the Mozarteum University of Arts and Music in Salzburg, Austria.

Her concert activities started at the very young age of 12, in Mallorca Island, followed by recitals in Spain, Poland and Italy. Since then she won a large list of National and International Prizes among them:


·         1999 Third Prize 6th International Guitar Contest "Maria Luisa Anido", Italy.

·       1996 First Prize at the Guitar Competition in Salou, Spain (Junior)

·       1998 First Prize at the Guitar Competition in Salou, Spain (Professional category)

·         1999 First Prize 9th National Competition "Francisco Tárrega", Castellón, Spain.


·         2000 First prize International Contest of Krynica, Poland.

·         2000 First prize 4th National Contest "America Martinez", Sevilla, Spain.

·         2000 First prize 1st International Contest "Julian Arcas"  category "José Tomas", Almeria, Spain.

·         2000 First prize 4th International Guitar Festival, category "Moyen" in France.


·         2001 First prize 1st International Competition El Condado, Jaén, Spain.

·         2001 First prize 2nd Instrumental Competition Sant Anastasi, Lérida, Spain. 

·         2002 First prize, audience's award and special prize for the best performance of the works of Francisco Tarrega, at the 36th International Guitar Competition "FRANCISCO TARREGA", Benicassim, Spain.

And some others like:

·         2004 Second Prize, Prize for the interpretation of Concierto Mudejar, by A. García Abril, prize for the youngest finalist 2004 and the prize Scholarship at the Academia Francisco Tarrega, Pordenone, at the Michele Pittaluga, Citá de Alessandria Int. Guitar Competition 2004, Italy.


·         2005 First Prize at the Reiffeissenkasse Wettbewerb in Salzburg, at the Mozarteum University of Arts in that city.


·         2005 First Prize at the Luys Milan International Guitar Competition in L' Ollería, Spain, as soloist.


·         2005 First Prize at the Luys Milan International Guitar Competition in L' Ollería, Spain, in the chamber music modality, performing duo with Marco Tamayo. (Also the public prize went to them)

·         2006 Second Prize at the Int. Guitar Competition Joaquín Rodrigo, in Madrid, Spain

·         2007 Second Prize at the Int. Guitar Competition Fundación J. e Inocencio Guerrero, premio Infanta Doña Cristina.


Ms Montesinos has performed at important festival like: Int. Guitar Festival in Upsala, Sweden, Int. Guitar festival Kaluga, in Russia, Barcelona Int. Guitar festival, Spain, Talavera Int. Guitar Festival, Madrid /Spain, San Francisco Int. Guit. Festival, USA, Entre cuerdas, Int. GUit. Fest., Chile, Int. Guitar fest. In Cham, Germany, among many others. During the year 2009 she was a guest performing at different venues and international events celebrating the 70th birthday of the Cuban composer Leo Brouwer. 

In April 2003, Anabel Montesinos premiered the "Concierto Murciano" by Mario Medina at the International Youth Orchestra Festival in Murcia, Spain, together with the Int. Youth Orchestra conducted by Diter Lange. She also performed with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Lublin, Poland, the International Orchestra of the Mediterranean, conducted by Cristian Florea, with the Philharmonic orchestra of Turin, Italy, conducted by Paolo Ferrara, and with the Niederbayerische Philharmonie of Germany, conducted by H. E. Coleman.  Also in October 2003, Anabel Montesinos performed together with conductor Cristian Florea at the Homenaje Concert in Madrid, to the composer Antón Garcia Abril, performing his "Concierto Mudejar" for guitar and orchestra. Ms. Montesinos also performed with the Symphonic Orchestra of Chile and with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra.

 Since the year 2004 Anabel Montesinos has toured extensively performing in San Franciso, Chicago, both in USA, Poland, Chile, in Italy: Genova , (at the Paganini’s house) Pordenone, Alessandria, Turin, etc. In Spain: Valencia, Tarragona, Alicante, Madrid, Talavera, etc. From 2006 on she went on to South Africa, Mozambique, Brasil, ...The 2009 tour included France, Italy, Brasil for second time, Chile, and next will be Israel, Spain and USA. 


Ms. Montesinos has recorded a CD for the Naxos Classical Label including composers of the Romantic period and was very high praised for her artistry and style of performance. Some of the International Airlines like British Airways included her album as a part of their entertainment program for overseas flights. Her next recording is already in schedule and will come out to the market next year 2010.


Following, some reviews about her recording and concerts:


The Guitarist Anabel Montesinos is, amazingly, not yet 20. She was born in Spain in 1984 and has been raised in the best traditions of Spanish guitar virtuosi, training at the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Tarragona and currently (2003) being still a student in the class of Ignacio Rodes at the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Alicante. This Naxos release is part of the offerings for her winning the first prize in the famous International Francisco Tárrega Guitar Competition in 2002. Allied to this achievement she took the audience prize and the special prize for performance of works by Tárrega at the same competition.

Listening to the recording, it is clear that none of these prizes were isolated occurrences. The playing is of a precision and graceful flexibility that is normally associated only with the very greatest guitarists. So frequently one hears that slightly annoying aspect of squeaking left hand movement over the strings. It could be argued as being an essential part of the guitar experience, but frankly it is merely an annoying distraction heard almost universally. Not here. Montesinos plays with flair and undisguised virtuosity but the technical demands are covered by what sounds like a flawless command of technique. Her sound is beautiful in itself, but made the more so in that we hear only her right hand at work. The left hand is a silent manipulator of the strings. This technical command is impressive in fast music but she does not let it become the reason for her performance and this will be the crux of the distinction that has given her so many prestigious prizes. In the competition world technique is too often the be-all-and-end-all of performance. Here it is undoubtedly impressive but is quite obviously appreciated only as a support to the musical expression of the performance.

While it might remain one for the specialists, there is certainly much to recommend to the general listener in this recording. The name of Anabel Montesinos is one that we will certainly hear more in the future.

Peter Wells 2003

A very young Anabel Montesinos (17 years of age) was awarded the first prize of the 36th International Guitar Competition Francisco Tárrega , whose final took place last night. Montesinos emerged victorious as, in addition to the main award, she was awarded another two: the audience's award and that for best interpretation of Tárrega's music...
Anabel Montesinos, who was welcomed with long applause and received a hearty ovation from the audience at the close of her performance, executed Giuliani's Concerto No 1 in A, Op.30 with enthusiasm and passion during the first movement, great sentiment in the Sicilian and finishing with a brilliant polonaise, after which she played the Preludio y estudio brillante for guitar by Tárrega.

Henri Bouché
Benicàssim, 29-08-2002
 The guitarist Anabel Montesinos possesses extraordinary skill for music: Her guitar technique is very advanced, allowing her to put it at the service of the works of composers with great expressive technical force.
Given her age it is safe to declare that we are before an up-and-coming star.

Antón García Abril
Benicàssim, 29-08-2001
I have had the opportunity to listen to the Spanish guitarist Anabel Montesinos on several occasions and she has never failed to make an impression both as a musician and instrumentalist. Only a few days ago, as a member of the panel, I listened to her taking part in the International Guitar Competition "Francisco Tárrega" in Benicassim, where she was chosen as one of the 4 finalists amongst 53 participants. Her performance was rewarded with the award for best performance of a work by Francisco Tárrega and she was the only Spanish participant who made it to the final.

Jordi Codina
Teacher of the CSMMB, concertist and composer
Barcelona, 1-09-2001
Although she is only sixteen, her guitar has travelled throughout Spain and has been listened to in half of Europe.
Tomás Santos
Tarragona, 2-12-2001

 A few days ago, the 15-year old guitarist Anabel Montesinos was awarded two more first prizes, totalling six so far in her short but relentless musical career as a performer of the highest rank.
After winning a few months ago the international award of the city of Krakov in Poland, Montesinos took with her the first price in the two competitions held in Sevilla and Almeria at the end of May.
Reus, 10-06-2000

She is just fifteen and those who have had the opportunity to listen to her say her fingers were created for music. Anabel Montesinos has become, since her first musical steps in L'Hospitalet de L'Infant, a figure of renown in the national music scene. The latest international guitar award in Krakov (Poland) confirms it.
Reus, 5-02-2000
Marco Tamayo

Prof. Mag. Marco Tamayo

A.O. Professor am Mozarteum Universitaet in Salzburg, Austria
Professor at the Landeskonservatorium in Klagenfurt, Austria
Citizen of Honour of the City of Alessandria, Pietmont, Italy
Address: Karfreitstrasse 9.   A-9020 Klagenfurt / Austria
Mobil Tel. +43 699 1180 8893
E-mail:  tamayoguitar@gmail.com                                                  

The Cuban-born Guitarist with Austrian Citizenship, Winner several times of Major International Competitions like the Andrés Segovia in Granada and the Michele Pittaluga, Citá di Alessandria, in Italy, was a pupil of Antonio Alberto Rodríguez and Leo Brouwer in Cuba, and studied in Austria with Eliot Fisk (Guitar), Reiner Schmidt (violin, from Hagen quartet), Anthony Spiri (cembalo), N. Hartnoncourt, among others. Tamayo has  recorded several albums for the Naxos Label, and is since the year 2001 A. O. Professor for Classical Guitar at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, and since 2005 Professor  at the Landeskonservatorium in Klagenfurt, both in Austria. Marco Tamayo received his "Venia Docenti" am 21 March 2006, given by the Mozarteum University of Arts in Salzburg, Austria

Marco Tamayo, praised by the Italian newspaper L'stampa as "Il Re della Chitarra", has being acclaimed for his expressive interpretations and his technical capacities. His book named "Principles of the classical guitar performance" will be published in Europe this year 2010 by the Chanterelle company. Tamayo has extensively toured the Globe, around all Europe, Asia, USA, SouthAfrica and Mozambique, also performing concerts with famous orchestras and conductors like Kurt Redel, Paolo Ferrara, Damian Iorio, Phillipe Bender, Leo Brouwer, Alexis Soriano, Raúl Gutierres, among others, and orchestras like the Chamber orchestra of Aix en Provence, KSO in Austria, Philharmonic of Torino, Chamber orchestra of St. Petersburg, Philharmonic of Havanna, Philharmonic of Tampere, Philharmonic of Oulu, both in Finland, TransArt Orchestra of Salzburg, Ars Musicae from Klagenfurt, Sinfónica de UANL in Monterrey, México, etc. Tamayo performed his debut at the Chopin-Pleyel Hall in Paris, is sponsored by the Savarez Strings, and founder of the Salzburg Guitar Society. Tamayo also received the "Mauro Giuliani Prize" from the hand of the Giuliani Family for the finest interpretation of the music by the Italian composer.

Marco Tamayo is regular Juror of International Guitar Competitions as the Michele Pittaluga Int. Guitar Contest in Italy; Int. Volos guitar contest in Greece; Luys Milán Int. guitar contest; Lubljana Int. Music Competition for all disciplines of classical music; Villa de Petrer Int. guitar contest in Spain; Krycniza Int guitar contest in Poland; International Guitar Festival of Belgrade, among others, and teach regular Master classes at international guitars festivals and Universities like the Seoul University for Arts-Korea, San Francisco University, CA-USA, Monterrey-Mexico, Volos-Greece, Barcelona-Spain, etc. He is also a regular invited artist at festivals like the Belgrade Int. Guitar Festival, Oulu Int. Orchestral Music season in Finland, San Francisco Int. Guitar Festival, Aix en Musique Int. Music Festival in Aix en Provence, France, Uppsala International Guitar Festival, etc. In September 2006 Marco Tamayo received the "Citadinanza Onoraria", Citizen of Honour of the City of Alessandria, in Piedmont, Italy, and works together with Alirio Díaz and Ms. Micaela Pittaluga for the artistic direction of the Int. Guitar Competition Michele Pittaluga, Citá di Alessandria, where he won the first Prize in 1999. Tamayo is also co-artistic director together with Ms. Pittaluga, of the Music Festival Chitarra dal Mondo that takes place in the Italian city.

 Marco Tamayo records for the Naxos Classical and has 6 albums on the market, among them, an album dedicated to the music of Cuba, the music by Mauro Giuliani and also one dedicated to the music for guitar of Niccolo Paganini.


"One of the greatest talents of his generation. An extraordinary  young artist with a perfect technical development and extraordinary musical intelligence".

“Eliot Fisk”

...Tamayo is a fine musician and a superb guitarist...a technical excellence that allows seamless interface between technical execution and unencumbered musical interpretation. There is no finer recording in existence of Paganini's music for solo guitar.  

Zane Turner

“A quality collectors release from a specialist performer of the highest caliber. “ Cuban guitarist Marco Tamayo is widely recognized as a Giuliani interpreter, his premier of several unpublished works on a period instrumental at Alessandria in 2002 taking place during the same ceremony at which he scooped the coveted MauroGuiliani Prize. For this latest installment from Naxos, he performs on a modern instrument by Paco Marin of Granada, whose light and focused sound proves well-suited to the fingerboard acrobatics that occupy much of the 75 minutes’ playing time. 

Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine

"One of today's leading South American guitarists. One of the most accomplished and sought-after classical guitarists of his generation, Marco Tamayo was and is praised for his brilliant technique, artistry and exceptionally warm tone and expressive interpretations on the guitar"

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